Old Bones Odyssey – Blog

Old bones taking me back
Old worlds taking me back
Resting on the souls of long ago

Old Bones Odyssey – the song.
Lyrics by Ellen Kaye, Music by Ethan Fein

We all come from somewhere. Our own past swirls around us, fog like, mysterious, unknowable. The deeper we get into the telling of our own tale the more the past tugs, nips and bites. And so we embark on a hunt for the long ago people who created the world that I was born into. To do them justice we are creating our blog and podcast, weaving through out the pieces of the past that explore an American family story.
Our blog is a companion story to our new podcast series and musical in development, Phoenix Rising: Old Bones Odyssey. We’re researching and interviewing people and places to learn the history and stories that make up the bones, the road map of our tale.

Join us to share, connect and learn together.

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